“The Heart of a Warrior” Podcast

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness–it’s actually a sign of strength and confidence. Yet, so many people are reluctant to reach out for help with their mental health needs because of the stigma that is still (incorrectly) associated with mental health. Military personnel are especially hesitant to seek mental health services, fearing it may end their careers. Roughly 300,000 people who returned from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq reported combat-related mental health problems including post-traumatic stress disorder and major depression, but only half sought treatment. 

Veteran suicide numbers are on the rise and even more are suffering in silence. Prior to the start of COVID-19, 22 veterans and active duty personnel committed suicide a day. The number has risen to 28 per day during the pandemic. The numbers are heartbreaking and alarming, but there is help, and there is hope. The first steps involve changing service member’s attitudes about the stigma around mental health, and breaking down institutional barriers for those seeking services so people feel more comfortable asking help. 

Join Jen Satterly, author of the highly acclaimed book, Arsenal of Hope: Tactics for Taking on PTSD, Together, and CEO of All Secure Foundation, for her “The Heart of a Warrior” podcast–a discussion about the impact PTSD and trauma has on military personnel and first responders–and how to help them heal.

Other great mental health resources for service members and their families: 

Real Warriors. Real Battles. Real Strength: Available to service members, veterans and their families. This organization provides free, confidential resources including online articles, print materials, videos and podcasts that support coping with the daily stresses of military life, or concerns like depression, anxiety and posttraumatic stress disorder.

Military Crisis Line: A free, 24/7 phone, text-messaging, and online chat service provided to all Service members (and their families) who are in crisis. You may call the Veterans Crisis Line at 1-800-273-8255 and Press 1 or text to 838255.

National Center for PTSD: Information specific to service members in search of mental health resources or for those in a crisis. 

Department of Defense Safe Helpline: A hotline provided exclusively for members of the DoD community affected by sexual assault.

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