NextStep Behavioral Health EHR

Better clinical outcomes, a boost in productivity and increased revenue.


Our customers love the ease with which they can demonstrate that their clients are actually getting better because of the treatment they’ve received. Clinics love that the NextStep behavioral health EHR adapts to their workflow versus having to conform to ours. And our smart billing engine translates complex data into proper billing codes, making insurance claims less likely to be rejected and practices more likely to get paid for all of the services they provide.


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Flexible Workflows


NextStep’s behavioral health EHR is built on the concept of flexible workflows. We recognize the forms you need to collect, your workflow, and how you measure success is unique to your program. Requirements in your area and the clinical outcomes model you choose need to be meaningful and configurable based on your priorities and preferences. We strive to provide a seamless, highly adaptable workflow that puts the information you need at your fingertips so it’s easy to fill out forms, charts, and other documents. Our technology is tablet and Chromebook-friendly, allowing you to scroll and tap with ease. NextStep is a mental health EHR solution that adapts to you, more than you adapt to it. That’s the magic of NextStep!

Clinical Outcome Measures


As behavioral healthcare moves towards a value-based payment system, measuring clinical outcomes is becoming more important than ever. Payers are moving away from a common fee-for-service model and towards payments based on increased client functionality, demonstrated progress, and a decrease in Emergency Department visits. NextStep’s behavioral health EHR makes it easy to track your clients’ progress and quickly assess how each client, group, or facility as a whole is doing.

Reports and Dashboards


As behavioral healthcare continues to evolve and shift its focus to value-based care, data is more important than ever before. Inside our behavioral health EHR, our reports and dashboards module gives you the real time information you need to remain flexible and highly responsive while maintaining compliance and meeting insurance requirements. This module provides not only traditional reporting solutions, but also interactive, visual, color-coded dashboards that put vital data at your fingertips, all fully integrated with the rest of the NextStep solution. Our customizable dashboards fall into three categories: financial, clinical, and custom.



Learn how our technology has helped the behavioral health community thrive. Then, let us show you how we can help you take your practice to the next level.

Billing and RCM


If you’re already using NextStep, our billing and revenue cycle management module works seamlessly with the rest of the software. Rather than using an entirely separate system to manage, billing becomes just another part of our complete, user-friendly behavioral heath EHR. There are four major components to this module.

Medication Management


Medication management is a vital and complex issue for both residential mental health facilities and detox centers. NextStep’s behavioral health EHR offer a comprehensive, fully configurable medication management solution that makes it easy to automate and track every step of the process. Our medication management solution is seamlessly integrated with our med passing system, easing the burden on floor staff, nurses, doctors, and other clinicians.

Patient Engagement


In today’s world, patient engagement is critical to successfully managing behavioral health needs. Gone are the days when client communications were solely done in person or over the phone. Modern clinicians need a suite of tools to engage with clients in a variety of new ways. NextStep’s behavioral health EHR provides three key ways to maintain patient engagement beyond the office: telehealth, a patient portal, and the browser-based NextStep Mobile solution.

ONC Certification


NextStep is committed to maintaining certification across our full suite of products so that you qualify for the financial incentives offered by Medicaid, as well as private payer programs. In addition to NextStep being ONC certified by the Drummond Group, we’ve gone beyond the minimum requirements for certification. We’ve obtained 35 Module Certification as well as 13 additional Clinical Quality Measures.

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