Flexible Workflows

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Our behavioral health EHR is built on the concept of flexible workflows. We recognize the forms you need to collect, your workflow, and how you measure success is unique to your program. Requirements in your area and the clinical outcomes model you choose need to be meaningful and configurable based on your priorities and preferences. We strive to provide a seamless, highly adaptable workflow that puts the information you need at your fingertips so it’s easy to fill out forms, treatment plans and assessments. Our technology is tablet and Chromebook-friendly, allowing you to scroll and tap with ease. NextStep is an EHR solution that adapts to you, more than you adapt to it. That’s the magic of NextStep!


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We understand the needs of behavioral health providers.


NextStep Solutions founded by behavioral health specialists who understand the needs of the mental health and substance use communities.  Watch our short overview video to see why so many behavioral health providers love working with us.

Form Builder


Our form builder makes filling out forms a breeze. You can set what information will automatically pull and auto-fill, and from where. Or, you can pull information to an in-line box just above where you’re typing for easy reference. NextStep allows you to assign values to choices for easy plotting or graphing, decide which elements to print or transmit electronically, and even open charts with keyword search technology while you’re filling out a form.

Automatic Form Routing with Routing Rules


Our comprehensive form routing allows you to set rules for what forms and information a team member gets, then sends everything automatically to the next person on the list. This ensures that all of your documentation review processes are compliant, without someone forgetting to pass items along for review. A notification will show up on each person’s to-do list as it arrives, and comments can be added and sent back as needed.

Note Builder


Our note builder brings all the functionality of our form builder to your charting and logs. You have the flexibility to segment charts however you like, and define whatever custom note types you like. Notes will display in reverse chronological order by default, but you can change the way they display if you prefer that workflow.


NextStep allows you to report on all of your data fields–even those you add yourself. Our note builder is seamlessly integrated with the rest of our technology, making it easy to pull information or reference other documents without opening separate screens. You also have the versatility to choose how you enter your notes. You can use narratives, “pick and choose”, or opt to use the autofill option to get through a note more quickly. The choice is yours!

Med Passing


Designed for inpatient floor staff, our med passing system makes it simple to keep up with even the most complicated medication schedules. You can set times and alerts for each patient’s medications, or use it for related medical needs, such as re-wrapping a wound, or taking vitals.


If anything out of the ordinary is happening, such as a patient preparing for a home visit, you can set individual task lists and reminders for that situation. You can group PRN medications, document self-administered meds, and note any exceptions–such as a patient refusing meds. If you have multiple locations, you can easily check on each facility at a glance.

Supervisor Review, Audit, and Compliance


Our MOST audit and compliance tool makes sure all relevant rules and regulations are met for CARF and JCAHO requirements, but we take it one step further. We allow you to set your own compliance benchmarks so you can audit against your own internal policies and procedures. Even better, you’re able to run reports on compliance metrics by location, provider, standard, and much more.


MOST makes it easier to ensure that you are in compliance with things that range from making sure all fire extinguishers up to date, to requiring that all notes are completed within 24 hours. And you can set specific fields as “required”, or define a minimum number of characters that must be completed in each field. The possibilities are endless!

Documentation to Billing


Billing and related documentation can be a real headache for clinicians. Guidelines for reimbursements from third party payers are not always easy to follow, and it’s difficult, if not next to impossible, to keep up with the constant regulatory changes and payer-specific adjudication rules.


Our technology lets you automate the process in many important ways. First and foremost, clinicians don’t have to understand billing to do their work–they simply pick what they did during a visit, and the billing engine determines what should be billed–or if it should be billed at all. Many of the complicated processes in behavioral health claims preparation are done automatically in the billing engine, so you don’t need to be an expert biller to get paid for all of your work.


Choose to bill automatically, with set reminders to complete the relevant documentation, or tell the system to delay billing until all documentation requirements are fulfilled. NextStep give you that flexibility. You can also set up individual billing options for each client–from self-pay to Medicaid–and even those who are covered under a grant. Our module also provides for census-based billing—simply note whether each client was present on a particular day and you’re all set.



Our scheduling module is far more than a simple scheduler. It lets you color code appointments by reason for a visit, schedule automated appointment reminders, check-in clients, see co-pays and deductibles, take payments, print receipts, and even set up payment plans. You can also view and print valuable information for your clients, including their appointment history and financial statements.

Eligibility Checking


Checking clients’ insurance eligibility can be a time-consuming task. Our eligibility checker streamlines the process to make verification of benefits run more smoothly. You can run eligibility at pre-admission, during intake, and even during care to make sure your clients services are covered. You can submit an individual client’s information to the clearinghouse and get a status in real time, along with the details of that person’s co-pays and deductibles. You can also run batch reports to determine whether anyone with a scheduled visit has changed eligibility status so you know to ask for new insurance information prior to an appointment–ensuring cleaner claims and more timely payments.



Learn how our technology has helped the behavioral health community thrive. Then, let us show you how we can help you take your practice to the next level.