Reports and Dashboards

Measure financial and clinical outcomes


As behavioral healthcare continues to evolve and shift its focus to value-based care, data is more important than ever before. At NextStep, our reports and dashboards module gives you the real time information you need to remain flexible and highly responsive while maintaining compliance and meeting insurance requirements. This module provides not only traditional reporting solutions, but also interactive, visual, color-coded dashboards that put vital data at your fingertips, all fully integrated with the rest of the NextStep solution. Our customizable dashboards fall into three categories: financial, clinical, and custom.


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Financial data can quickly become overwhelming, especially for medical billing offices. Unlike most vendors, NextStep offers two financial reporting modes. A simplified report gives you the nuts and bolts of your facility’s financial data in an easy to understand way. An extended report provides complex, granular information to help you make the best financial decisions for your facility.


Our accounts receivable reports give you the option to apply fee schedules. Where many accounts receivable reports only show the standard dollar amounts you billed, our fee schedule reports show you how much you can expect to be paid – taking into account the rates paid by each insurer as well as the rates for each clinician who provided services.


Our billing engine lets you view your reports onscreen, send them to a printer, or export them to Excel. We don’t use merged columns or complex formatting, which means you can get straight to the numbers without having to first solve spreadsheet formatting issues.


Beyond reporting, our financial dashboards provide a great deal of interactive data with just a few clicks. You can look at payer mixes to determine what percentage of your payments come from which sources. You can see reimbursement rates, average timing from providing services to receiving payment, and how many times you need to resubmit claims to different insurers. Our self-pay dashboard gives you all the data you need to collect on balances and set up payment plans. This is financial accountability, simplified.



Our clinical reports and dashboards can be customized to the workflow for each role. A psychiatrist’s dashboard might list all the different assessments that need to be performed, along with a color-coded status for each – dark green for done on time, light green for done but not on time, red for not done and late, and purple for not done but planned for the future. This lets clinicians, managers, and other relevant team members see at a glance what’s going on with each client.


You can even have a fully integrated outcomes report card that shows how individual clients are doing from day to day or from session to session. This can include data such as whether clients are meeting their goals and objectives, key indicators from various assessments, and more.


The clinical dashboard is highly interactive, and it can easily pull information from other parts of the NextStep system. If you want to do a longitudinal chart review, for instance, you no longer need to pull 25 separate charts from a shelf. Instead, you can simply tell the system you want to see all group notes, or all notes provided by a specific clinician. Efficiency at its best!



Every facility has different needs and different ways of analyzing data. Depending on your contract, we will provide one or more custom dashboards of your choosing. Our system also includes a built-in report designer for you to create your own new reports. You can even put them on menus and give those menus to different people within your facility.


Our report designer is seamlessly integrated with the rest of NextStep. If you use our form builder to add custom fields or create new forms, those fields and forms will become available in our report designer. You can also draw from our scheduler, note builder, billing engine, and med passing modules to pull multiple factors into a single report. If you prefer a third-party report designer, NextStep is fully compatible with popular options such as Microsoft Access and Crystal Reports.


At NextStep, we work hard to deliver state of the art technology that supports evolving, value-based and evidence-based behavioral healthcare.  Our reports and data analysis is just one function that will help take you to the next level!