Patient Engagement

Convenient and secure communication


In today’s world, patient engagement is critical to successfully managing behavioral health needs. Gone are the days when client communications were solely done in person or over the phone. Modern clinicians need a suite of tools to engage with patients in a variety of new ways. At NextStep, we provide three key ways to maintain patient engagement beyond the office: telehealth, a patient portal, and the browser-based NextStep Mobile solution.



Social and physical distancing has forced us to rethink how we provide behavioral healthcare services. Our powerful telemedicine platform allows you to provide convenient, accessible, and affordable care to your clients and the communities you serve. HIPAA compliant and fully integrated with our EHR, NextStep’s telehealth solution allows you to connect with clients anywhere they are, so you can continue to provide exceptional care — even during challenging times.


Access to behavioral health specialists continues to be an ongoing problem for people living in rural communities. Teletherapy services help increase care in areas with limited mental health resources, while providing effective treatment for mental health conditions, and improving medication adherence.  Teletherapy also minimizes the physical challenges patients encounter, such as transportation issues related to traveling for specialty care. It’s why we have a complete telehealth system integrated right into our EHR platform. NextStep allows you to consult with a remote provider while you are with a client, regardless of your location. You’ll never have to compromise client care when you have telehealth access at your fingertips.


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Patient Portal


We offer a patient portal with a growing feature set to meet the changes going on in the behavioral health landscape. Clients can communicate with you through the portal; they can also view, download, and transmit their continuity of care documents. The portal also supports business processes including the ability to send patient statements and accept patient payments. The NextStep patient portal is fully Meaningful Use certified and HIPAA-compliant, so you can put trust in the services you offer to your clients using this patient-friendly technology.

NextStep Mobile


At NextStep, we understand that many behavioral healthcare providers are not just sitting in an office all day. You may spend part of your time in the field, and you need a solution that travels with you. That’s why we offer a robust, efficient, browser-based software platform that allows you to operate from wherever you are.


NextStep Mobile gives you total control over your electronic records. You can create fully customizable clinical templates and forms while working remotely, based on patient or facility needs. You have complete access to your client charts and reminders, as well as your scheduling tools and billing functionality. We offer e-folders for document storage and the ability to run full reports. NextStep Mobile is like having your office with you–even when you’re in the field.