Powerful billing software for mental health professionals


Mental health professionals face a variety of challenges when it comes to billing for the services they provide. Differences in coding and documentation requirements from different insurers adds another layer of complexity to the billing cycle. It’s critical that you choose an EHR and billing software designed specifically for mental health professionals.

Mental health professionals work tirelessly to meet the needs of their community, however, improper coding and inconsistencies with insurance coverage can have a real impact on an agency’s bottom line. A powerful billing software for mental health professionals should allow you to boost cashflow by creating a more efficient revenue cycle. With instant access to data and reports, and a powerful billing engine, billing managers can quickly address areas of need. Automated systems that are built specifically for behavioral health providers should decrease lag times and create cleaner claims. 


A robust billing software for mental health professionals lets outpatient programs integrate the billing system with patient files. Clinicians should be able to select billing code options during charting; the EHR should do the rest of the heavy lifting. By utilizing predetermined rules to route claims to the appropriate payers, billing software for mental health professionals should be able to map highly complex claims and make sure they are billed correctly, regardless of the payer or treatment type, so claims are far less likely to be rejected by insurers.

NextStep Solutions’ innovative EHR and billing platform provides a much needed solution–resulting in improved clinical and financial outcomes for your practice. Our billing software takes the guesswork out of claims submissions, so you can focus on what matters most–providing exceptional care for your clients. Key features include:


  • A smart billing engine designed to manage your claims, from the moment you chart to the final claim submission
  • Automated complex billing logic that allows clinicians to bill automatically, with reminders to complete the relevant documentation, or tell the system to delay billing until all documentation requirements are fulfilled
  • Robust accounts receivable and fee schedule reports that show you how much you can expect to be paid – taking into account the rates paid by each insurer as well as the rates for each clinician who provided services
  • Census-based billing that gives you the ability to simply note whether each client was present on a particular day, then let the billing engine do the rest of the work for you
  • Batch billing for Medicaid that allows you to check to see if all clients are all covered in one batch – instead of one patient a time


Using specialized billing software for mental health professionals helps make the process of recording, coding and billing efficient and easy for your entire team. NextStep Solutions automates critical processes that have a real impact on the day-to-day operations of an agency. Our billing system is exceptional in its flexibility, allowing you to bill by task or schedule, generate easy billing reports, bill automatically from clinical data records, and create new custom reports that are unique for your clinic.


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