Medication Management

Dispense, Document and Prescribe


Medication management is a vital and complex issue for both residential mental health facilities and detox centers. At NextStep, we offer a comprehensive, fully configurable medication management solution that makes it easy to automate and track every step of the process. Our medication management solution is seamlessly integrated with our med passing system, easing the burden on floor staff, nurses, doctors, and other clinicians.

Methadone, Suboxone and Dispensing


Methadone clinics are busy places. NextStep gives you all the tools you need to care for your clients quickly and accurately, while maintaining full legal and clinical compliance. We offer customized workflows, whether your clinic is more doctor-driven or collaborative in nature. Our system supports verbal orders and fast approvals. All interactions between the prescribing doctor, nurse, counselor, and dispensing clinic are seamless, and billing is fully integrated. No more logging into multiple systems or dealing with billing headaches. Soft or hard holds–such as those due to payment issues, positive screen, or missed doses–are easy to note.


Whether you are prescribing maintenance doses or complex titrations, our module allows you to enter the prescription request dose modifications. You can manage approvals for modifications, and accurately and quickly provide the doses to the client. NextStep offers a solution that integrates dispensing and client results into the behavioral health chart and total care process.


Randomized drug testing and other periodic screening is also available, and it can easily be placed on hold if a nurse is off duty or other factors make it impossible to test on a specific day. Managing take home doses is a breeze, and it is easy to create DEA reports and controlled substance inventory tracking. Traceability and compliance are cornerstones of this module.



Our eMAR (Electronic Medication Administration Record) system meets the unique needs of both residential mental health facilities and detox centers. You can easily keep up with complex medication schedules, including setting times and alerts for each client’s medications and related medical needs, such as taking vitals. If a client is preparing for a leave of absence, you can create individualized task lists and reminders. Alerts ensure that med passing is completed and properly documented, with any exceptions, such as a client refusing meds, clearly noted.


Our PRN grouping feature means doctors don’t need to manually add each PRN medication to each client’s list. You can create different templates and name them whatever you like and sign off on the entire group at once. Then floor staff can dispense these medications as needed according to client needs. You can also create tapering/titration templates (such as Librium 6 day protocol) which reduces clinical errors, simplifies documentation, and saves time for both doctors and staff. Our medication inventory system ensures that the facility always has the needed meds on hand, while adding an extra layer of transparency and legal compliance.



At NextStep, we know doctors have a lot on their plates, and we provide technology solutions to simplify and reduce your workload. In our medication module, you can e-Prescribe through Surescripts™, the largest e-Prescription network in the U.S.


This web-based solution requires no special hardware or software. It provides real-time determination of client eligibility, as well as a complete list of all the client’s meds regardless of prescriber. You’ll have updated formulary listings and real-time drug interaction and allergy information at your fingertips, including those drugs that were prescribed or filled elsewhere. You will also have electronic messaging capabilities directly to and from pharmacies for refill requests, with options to authorize, deny, or defer the prescription request. Prescriptions can be dispensed to most major retail pharmacy chains, as well as numerous independents, according to client preference.


Our e-Prescribing system is fully integrated with the rest of our medication module, including med passing and tapering/titration. We also include EPCS so clinicians can write and transmit controlled substance prescriptions electronically. You can create a Favorites list for commonly prescribed medications or simply write a new script each time. And you can have several different users accessing e-prescribing, which includes prescribers, users authorized to prescribe on behalf of a provider, and users who may not prescribe, but can stage medications and refills for approval by prescribers.