“A Home Within: Providing Therapy for Foster Youth While Supporting Therapist Communities” Podcast

A Home Within was founded in 1994 with a mission to heal the wounds of complex trauma and loss experienced by many foster youth. Local networks of volunteer clinicians provide individual, open-ended, relationship-based psychotherapy for young people who are, or previously were, in foster care. Today, there are 19 chapters of volunteer clinicians across 10 states who provide their services free of charge, and currently serve more than 210 young people nationwide.

The program provides essential mental health support, so foster youth have the inner tools and resources they need to thrive. Clinicians address the trauma and disruption inherent to youth who have been placed into foster care. They help them manage stress and anxiety, and work with them to develop the skills they need to become healthy adults. With COVID still looming, teletherapy sessions have replaced face-to-face contact, but the mission of A Home Within is unwavering–to support individual foster youth–one person at a time. 

In this podcast, A Home Within: Providing Therapy for Foster Youth While Supporting Therapist Communities you’ll hear how clinicians are supporting the foster youth community to make sure they receive stable and undisrupted therapy–therapy that they will not ‘age-out’ of. Also learn  how the organization helps support their community of therapists so they are able to continue providing great care. It may even inspire you to get involved in this amazing mission. Take a listen now!

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