“The Self-Care Chronicle: Self-Care for Mental Health Professionals” Podcast

Do you like listening to podcasts? Mental Health New Radio has a new podcast series called “The Self-Care Chronicle with Dr. Marsha Brown – Mental Wellness for the Mental Health Professionals” that’s absolutely worth a listen for anyone working in the field of behavioral healthcare.

Self-Care for Mental Healthcare Providers

The COVID pandemic has caused a mental health epidemic, and many behavioral health providers are on the front lines to offer help and offer hope. Some clinicians have seen a threefold increase in patients in the aftermath of COVID, leaving little time to make their own mental health a priority. In her inaugural podcast of  “The Self-Care Chronicle”, Dr. Brown discusses why it’s important that mental health professionals must take the time to care for themselves, after selflessly taking care of others. While feelings of guilt may be common when mental healthcare workers step away from work for their own self-care, it’s important to recognize that they cannot provide proper care for others if they are unwell–both mentally and physically.

About the Series

Dr. Brown was inspired to create this podcast because she wanted to create a safe space for mental health professionals that allows them to talk about the challenges of maintaining their own mental wellness while caring for the psychological well-being of others. Mental health professionals are apt to put themselves on the back burner while trying to help “one more client” or complete “one more task”. She felt it was just as important to reduce the stigma and normalize the idea of mental health professionals having regular conversations about their own mental health, especially during a time when they are helping others navigate their way through historical events including a pandemic, social injustice, and escalating violence against marginalized communities. In each episode, Dr. Brown interviews a different mental health professional about how they manage their own mental health, and their approach to self-care. To find her series of interviews with a variety of behavioral health clinicians, click here.

About Dr. Marsha Brown

Dr. Marsha D. Brown is a Licensed Psychologist with extensive experience in the assessment, evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of individuals of all ages. She is regularly sought out by professional and media organizations for her expertise in mental health, self-care, and conquering stress. Dr. Brown’s independent practice specializes in helping organizations and companies teach their employees to use the “Deconstructing Stress” method to conquer stress and improve work performance and quality of life. Her own favorite self-care techniques include belting out show tunes, watching the sunrise, taking a power nap, and watching stand up comedy and zombie movies.

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