“Firefighter Zen: Thriving in Tough Times” Podcast

Listen in on an incredible conversation with Hersch Wilson, a 30-year veteran volunteer firefighter/EMT, and author of “Firefighter Zen: A Field Guide to Thriving in Tough Times.” Hersch offers insightful wisdom to help people thrive during stressful times. He shares his thoughts about how to manage difficult situations by living in the moment, and how to incorporate positivity into our own lives by serving others. He also discusses the concept of “radical kindness” and why people should learn to assimilate kindness into their everyday routines. 

Simple changes in thinking and how we live can create a far happier mindset, especially during the difficult times we are living in right now as we deal with emotion, grief, and physical distancing during COVID-19. Listen to this inspiring and thought provoking podcast, “Firefighter Zen: Thriving in Tough Times” to learn more.

Hersch Wilson is a veteran volunteer Firefighter/EMT with the Hondo Fire Department in Santa Fe County, New Mexico. He is also a story-teller, committed to explaining how First Responding can change how we see and experience our own lives. His latest project, based on his experience as a volunteer firefighter, is helping individuals and organizations see the world as firefighters do, learning how to thrive through traumatic and stressful times.

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