Autism, ADHD and Telemedicine: Special Considerations for Virtual Care On Demand Webinar

COVID restrictions and proximity to care are two reasons why more children with behavioral health needs are seeking telemedicine options for their care. But a virtual visit is very different from an in-person visit, especially for those with autism and ADHD. There are a number of strategies you can use to maximize your clients’ virtual behavioral health teletherapy visits. Anytime Pediatrics and CHADIS hosted a recorded webinar where you can learn more about “Autism, ADHD, and Telemedicine”.

This presentation covers:

  • How virtual behavioral health visits can create efficiency in your practice
  • Tips for conducting different types of virtual behavioral health visits
  • The role of teletherapy for longitudinal care for children with autism
  • Tips for caring for children with autism during a teletherapy session
  • How to maximize your time and create a better virtual visit experience


This is a must-see webinar for anyone caring for children with autism and ADHD. Watch the recording now!

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