Video: Charting On the Go with Digital Pen Technology

Dave Ballenberger discusses the advantages and benefits that digital pen technology can provide your behavioral health organization when your clinicians are with clients outside of the office.

Patient information is the crux of any treatment plan in the behavioral health sector. As technology advances, paper to pen is still widely used in the industry to annotate patient documents. But it can also set up an organization for loss of information in the form of power outages, natural disasters, and internet failures. Fortunately, digital pens are revolutionizing the way health care professionals document patient information when they are on the go. You can store upwards of 50 full letter size pages of handwritten information that is easily accessed by USB and bluetooth, then transfer the forms back to your EHR when you are ready. By moving patient documents to electronic files via the digital pen, your organization can focus on the process of helping people in the community, while keeping their treatment plans safe.

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