“Understanding Population-Based Care” Podcast

What is population-based care and why should it matter if you’re a behavioral healthcare provider? In this podcast, “Understanding Population-Based Care”, you’ll learn about this emerging healthcare model, how it goes hand-in-hand with value-based payments, and the impact it will have on your practice. 

According to the CDC, a person’s or population’s overall psychological well-being falls on a continuum and changes over time. To truly recognize and support the degrees of mental wellness on that continuum requires changing how we identify and meet the behavioral health needs of the population. One must also consider the impact social determinants of health (SDOH) has on a person’s overall care and well-being. This requires a shift in thinking less about an individual and more about the impact it will have on the entire population of your practice, and the community at-large.

As the fee-for-service model continues to phase out, some payers are already requiring that you can prove what you are doing to care for your clients actually works–or risk not getting paid for your services. In order to do this, it’s imperative you have a robust behavioral health EHR that can not only help you successfully collect data, but also allows you to track it, analyze it, report on it, and write actionable care plans for your clients. States like Arizona and New York have already made the transition to this value-based payment system. Is your state next? And are you ready?

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