“The Smartphone Impact on Mental Health” Podcast

Smartphones were first introduced to the mass market in 2007. While there are both positives and negatives that have come from using this innovative technology, the change in culture and society — as it relates to physical and mental health — has been dramatic.

Studies have shown the pattern of smartphone abuse is greatest among young people, and is primarily seen in females. The problematic use of cell phones has been associated with personality variables, such as extraversion, neuroticism, self-esteem, impulsivity, self-identity, and self-image. Sleep disturbance, anxiety, stress, and depression, which are also associated with Internet abuse, have been associated with problematic smartphone use. Studies have also shown the coexistence relationship between problematic cell phone use and substance use such as tobacco and alcohol.

Forensic psychologist Dr. John Huber explores the impact technology is having on the mental health of adolescents and young adults, in this Mental Health News Radio podcast, “Mental Health Business: The Smartphone Impact”. It’s a must listen for anyone dealing with the negative impact smartphones have had on themselves or a loved one.

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