“Understanding the Financial Side of Mental Health and Addiction Recovery Organizations” Podcast

Value based payments are here to stay. Figuring out how to measure your outcomes to get paid for your work is just one of the challenges behavioral health organizations face as they plan for the future.

Not all that long ago, start up mental health programs relied on grants to open their business. But grants were not a long term solution, and best practices often got left behind when organizations tried to stay afloat as government funding got cut. Fee-for-service payments followed, but those didn’t translate into better patient outcomes either.

Payers are shifting risks, requiring that providers must show improved patient outcomes through evidenced-based treatment plans and care plans in order to get paid. Now more than ever, it’s imperative that your organization understands the importance of tracking and reporting your data with a certified behavioral health-specific EHR in order to meet payer requirements and maximize your reimbursements.

John Pallies, CFO of John Brooks Recovery Center discusses the inner-workings of the business side of mental health and what you need to understand about payer requirements in this highly insightful podcast, “The Financial Side of Mental Health and Recovery Organizations”. Take a listen!

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