How to Streamline Operations at a Residential Behavioral Healthcare Facility

There are numerous challenges that come with running a residential behavioral healthcare program. The tangled web of paperwork, accreditation, and compliance standards can be a real headache for those running the facilities. In addition, many administrators see high turnover as unavoidable, and accept claims denials as part of the cost of doing business. It may feel like there are too many balls in the air at the same time, but with the right tools and methods in place, running a profitable, high performing residential facility can be done!

Dealing with Turnover

Investing in effective staff retention practices reduces the cost of hiring and training. First, you have to hire the right people. Then, you need to keep them. Everything from professional development to the ease of paperwork requirements affects morale and impacts staff retention. Employees need opportunities for growth, recognition, and structured workflows. Any weak area can push an employee to quit. For example, clinicians might become irritated by complicated paper-based data tracking. After all, they joined the organization to help others, not spend countless hours on paperwork. Systematic workflows, automated reports and dashboards, and paperless documentation can ease the burden so their focus can be on the residents–all things that can be accomplish by using a robust electronic health record (EHR) 

Billing Efficiently

Inefficient revenue cycle management drains money from a budget and has even caused some facilities to close. Lost revenue and delayed payments have a considerable impact on the bottom line. The first step is to analyze cash flow by tracking Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and streamlining payments through an EHR. Another option is to outsource billing altogether. Partnering with a revenue cycle management company specializing in behavioral health claims takes some of the workload off of your internal team.

Powerful technology, paired with tried-and-tested techniques, can have a profound impact on finances and operational efficiencies at a residential care facility. Arm yourself with actionable thought leadership. Download our FREE exclusive guide, How to Streamline Operations at a Residential Behavioral Healthcare Facility, and learn how the right behavioral health EHR can help you streamline your processes.

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