7 Things You Need to Know about Substance Abuse Software

Gone are the days when keeping patient records and maintaining appointment schedules is done on paper. The advancements in software technology have transformed the way programs maintain their clinical records, scheduling, and billing.

Substance abuse clinical management systems offer services that are innovative and widely used. Competent software can organize the entire patient record, allowing the therapist, doctor and support staff to spend more time treating clients. The software should be able to print out prescriptions, patient records, billing, diagnostic reports and certificates.

Let’s take a look at the benefits associated with Behavioral Health clinical management software:

  1. Paperless Record System: Electronic health records give therapists an opportunity to get rid of paper and a vast array of documents that are not only difficult to store and maintain, but are also prone to wear and tear or getting misplaced.
  2. Easier and quicker access to the client’s records and other data: With advanced software, the therapist can keep a record of the client’s history, treatment planning, progress notes, and treatment received. When needed, the therapist can review a client’s treatment history with the click of a button.
  3. Coordination between various programs: With an integrated system, the software allows therapists in different departments to coordinate with each other so they can assist a client more efficiently.
  4. Improved efficiency:  Clinical management systems improve the efficiency of the organization by automating the entire process. Using an EHR for outcome-based treatment, charting, group notes, scheduling, and billing reduces operating costs and increases staff productivity.
  5. Client satisfaction: Clients can schedule and confirm appointments through their mobile phone or computer. Treatment plans are stored safely at the agency. Automated billing and document retrieval reduces the waiting time at the agency. 
  6. Accuracy: Electronic records are error free. It eliminates the chance of personal information being mixed up with someone else.  
  7. Speedy service: Clinical management systems save time calculating bills, and searching and filing client records. They also help maintain appointment schedules, allowing therapists to spend more time with their clients and provide better care.  


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