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Built by a behavioral health expert and a PhD in artificial intelligence, NextStep lives by one unwavering goal: to deliver the premier, most user-friendly and most flexible EHR technology available anywhere. Decades in the making, NextStep provides proprietary tools that behavioral healthcare providers need most. Let NextStep help you seamlessly manage both the clinical and financial sides of your practice so you focus on what matters most: giving your clients the best care possible.

There are many reasons to love NextStep’s behavioral health EHR and billing service. But what do our clients love most about the NextStep difference?

Better Clinical Outcomes

As the industry moves towards a value-based payment system, measuring clinical outcomes is becoming more important than ever. NextStep makes collecting data and reporting on it super-simple. Our customers love the ease with which they can demonstrate that their clients are actually getting better because of the treatment they’ve received. 

A Boost in Productivity

Our EHR is built on the concept of flexible workflows. We recognize the forms you need to collect and how you measure success are unique to your program. That’s why we provide our clients a seamless, highly adaptable workflow that puts the information they need at their fingertips so it’s easy to fill out forms, charts, and other documents. Clients love that the NextStep EHR adapts to their workflow versus having to conform to ours.

Increased Revenue

Our smart billing engine translates complex data into proper billing codes, making insurance claims less likely to be rejected and practices more likely to get paid for all of the services they provide.

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