Think Forward with NextStep



When it comes to improving clinical and financial outcomes, fit matters. You deserve to get paid for all of the services you provide. We’re here to make sure you get paid for them. NextStep offers a complete billing solution so you can improve your cash flow and reach your financial goals. Bill in-house or outsource the work to us. With either option, NextStep takes care of the heavy lifting so you can spend more time providing great care.



No margin, no mission. You have a passion to help others and provide exceptional care, but you can’t do that if…This pillar is all about money/bottom line, so the items below should surround that.

Maximize Reimbursements

When charting, simply choose a code for a specific type of activity and let the system take it from there. Medicare, Medicaid, or private insurance--our billing engine handles them all with ease.

Save Time

Outsource your billing to NextStep. Our team of experts understand the complexities of behavioral health billing, so your claims are paid faster with fewer denials and higher reimbursement rates. Collect more and leave the heavy lifting to us.

Maximize Reimbursements for Value-based Care

Document improved quality measures and get paid.

Get Paid

You deserve to get paid for all the care you provide--regardless of your location. Our integrated, HIPAA-compliant teletherapy lets you host and bill for individual and group appointments with ease.

NextStep provides a complete, innovative, end to end software solution for behavioral healthcare providers. It’s time to make your practice more efficient and simpler to operate. We’ll give you the tools to make smarter business decisions and improve your cash flow so you can grow your business and help more patients.  It’s time to focus on your future.