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As behavioral healthcare moves towards a value-based payment system, measuring clinical outcomes is becoming more important than ever. Payers are moving away from a common fee-for-service model and are moving towards payments based on increased client functionality, demonstrated progress, and a decrease in Emergency Department visits. At NextStep, we make it easy to track your clients’ progress and quickly assess how each client, group, or facility as a whole is doing. Here is what you should know.

Treatment Planning Wizard


The treatment planning wizard is a tool that allows you to create an outcome based care plan that is driven by your clinical workflow. Create your own outcome model or modify one that we’ve already designed. Using reports and dashboards, you can monitor a client’s progress towards achieving their goals and objectives in their individualized plan. And there’s no need to open multiple tabs–the treatment planning wizard takes you through creating a compliant personalized care plan.



Our charting tools, including goals, objectives, and progress indicators, are fully integrated within the EHR and the treatment planning wizard. Chart notes are easily configured to fit your needs. For example, if a client’s insurance company requires a mental status exam at each visit, you can put fields for that right into the note. You can also create different types of notes and search by note type, clinician, or client.


Routing is also included in our charting feature. Perhaps an intern needs a supervisor to sign off on notes, or a client’s billing needs to be done under a different clinician’s supervision – the system can automatically send the notes to the right person.


We also offer a solution to your client’s privacy concerns. Permissions can be set to ensure that only those who need to see information about a client have access. Techs may not need to read therapists’ notes, while admissions may not need access to any notes at all. You can also isolate select client records to specific staff members.


NextStep also allows you to share selected parts of the client chart with external providers and referrals. Choose what you want to share and have the system send it over. No more back and forth emails or snail mailing paper forms!



Because NextStep is ASAM certified, we can help you create electronic versions of your current assessments using our form builder. If your facility has an ASAM license, we can provide you with your choice of standard assessments. If you don’t have a license, you can create a button that takes users to the ASAM site to complete their assessments. It’s that easy!


NextStep is with you when you’re on the go! We realize that many clinicians perform assessments and charting in the field. While you typically need an internet connection to use our web-based solution, we do have an option for the times you are in the field without internet access. You can use your iPad to chart in the field, fill out your forms, and sign them when you return to the office. Or you can use our digital pen technology. Simply print your forms from the system in advance and fill them out with our digital pen. The next time you have an internet connection, dock the pen via a USB connection, and your completed forms will upload as External Forms. Review them for quality and then attach them directly to the client’s chart.



Our comprehensive dashboards make it easy to see everything you need to keep track of patients, monitor your staff’s progress, and run a profitable practice. Our at-a-glance dashboards can be customized for various individuals within your facility. For example, a psychiatrist may only need to see the treatment plan, medication details, and their own clinical notes, while a social worker may need to see the treatment plan, group notes, therapist notes, and assessments. On each dashboard, you get to decide what to include. All dashboard data can be easily exported to PDF, Excel, or other formats.