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December 2020 Edition

EPCS and PDMP Changes are Coming in the New Year


Twelve states have EPCS regulatory mandate deadlines beginning January 1, 2021 and another eight have proposed legislation set for next year. Are you ready? Click here to see if your state will be affected by the new legislation and here for specific state requirements. Additionally, 46 states require a mandatory query of a state’s PDMP database. If you need to add EPCS and PDMP functionality to your system, contact us so we can get you set up to meet these requirements.

What’s New in the Help Center


We’ve added new articles to the Help Center to make it easier for you to get answers quickly and easily. Our newest resources include:


Allowing NextStep Support to Connect to your Workstation (TeamViewer)

Installing RDPs: Quick Reference Guide

NextStep Portal: Quick Reference Guide

Podcast: “Nutrition and Mental Health During Stressful Times”


A whirlwind of events over the past few months has added daily stressors to our lives, making it harder to cope, let alone thrive. A healthy approach to nutrition helps us manage external stressors and calibrate our mental health. A well nourished brain allows us to cope with stress gracefully.


It’s essential to understand the importance of nutrition and its impact on our brain, since there is a physiological component of stress that affects brain health. Stress causes us to deplete neurotransmitters at a rapid pace, making our brains work harder.

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